Stafford VA Reckless Driving


Nowadays, there is a remarkable increase in the percentage of people dying as a result of accidents than by any disease. The reason is that a person does not know the exact consequences and conditions that he or she could face. People think that driving is a necessity, and do not has the knowledge about the code of conduct of traffic that should be followed while driving. The traffic laws of Stafford VA are the strictest law among the nation. The law enforcement agencies and officials assure that these laws are practiced by every individual of the state. But still, Stafford VA reckless driving has become a problem for the state. Reckless or rash driving does not only mean speeding but also racing, passing an emergency vehicle, passing a school, following a vehicle too closely, passing a railroad crossing, etc. It is considered as a serious crime according to the law of Stafford VA. Reckless driving is classified as class 1 misdemeanor.

Consequences of the conviction of Stafford VA Reckless Driving:

As this offense is a serious crime, the offender can be charged with harsh penalties. The penalties charged on the accused vary with each other. These variations depend on the age of the accused and intensity of the committed crime. The serious consequences that a convict can face include:

  • License suspension of up to 6 months
  • Fine of up to $2,500
  • Imprisonment of up to 1 to 10 years
  • Assessment of 6 demerit moving points
  • Criminal record

A person can also have a negative impact on the future opportunities that he/she can avail. That is why it is important for an individual to understand that even a minor offense can result to subject their record as a criminal. The penalties charged in the result of Stafford VA reckless driving can be reduced or expunged if the defender provides evidence against the alleged crime.

How these charges can be reduced:

A person must hire a reckless driving lawyer to defend the penalties charged on him/her. There are different firms that recruit such specialized lawyers. These lawyers gather evidence that can prove their client innocent. They know local and state traffic laws and know the working of the local legal system. They use their technicalities to issue a strong defense for Stafford VA reckless driving. These lawyers bear a solid reputation as aggressive and forceful advocates. They can use the defense tools that may include an excellent driving record of their client, whether the speedometer was working accurately, law enforcement radar calibration issues, legitimate emergencies, etc. By using significant effective defense techniques, these lawyers can help their client to reduce or even dismiss the penalties that are charged to them. They ensures protection of their victim from any type of penalty. Lawyers assure that neither criminal is set free nor an innocent is charged with any penalty.

These crimes negatively affect the society. To combat with Stafford VA reckless driving issues, it is the responsibility of every citizen to follow the rules and regulations practiced in their respected state.