Shenandoah Virginia Reckless driving lawyers

Reckless driving is perceived as one of the most serious offenses of all times. It can cause various unfortunate accidents which can be lethal in some cases. Throughout the country reckless driving has strict laws and Virginia also holds strict laws, rules and punishment against it. Reckless driving is downright a serious act of violation of the rules and regulations which are set forth by the government of the state or country. Virginia has very strict set of laws when it comes to the violation of traffic rule. Reckless driving can be further classified into various types, for example drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, over speeding, tailgating, or illegal passing and etc. A motorist can be charged for reckless driving ticket if he or she drives in a way that puts his own life and the lives of the people surrounding him in danger, or if he or any other person is at a risk of losing a limb due to his driving or if he or she is damaging a property.

Shenandoah is a county in Virginia located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It also follows the same set of rules and regulations regarding reckless driving as rest of the state of Virginia.

Driving recklessly can cause heavy penalties/charges. The normal charge that is pressed against the offense of reckless driving varies from $350 to $250 in the state of Virginia but the maximum fine against reckless driving in Virginia is $2500 and it is not commonly pressed against the convicts. Reckless driving can also cause the motorist to lose his or her license temporarily and can serve up to 6 months of jail. However the judge can issue a restricted license which allows the offender to drive to restricted amount of places like school, work place, hospital and etc.

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