Possession of a Controlled Substance First Offense in Virginia

According to the Virginia Code, part 4 of Section 3401, Virginia-controlled substance, from this bankruptcy to drug, substance, or immediate predecessor is VI to I.

To regulate Virginia law

If someone is found with a Virginia controlled mate, he will be convicted or convicted of a Virginia Code at the 18.2-250 stage. If the regulating government is deliberately and deliberately resolved, it can be guilty of any management asset

Obtaining of Goods Without a Legal Need. However, keeping in Virginia’s marijuana is 18.2-250.1. This is calculated once.

According to the Virginia Code according to 18.2-250

“Unknowingly” is classified, classed, or legally perceived as a class 5, listed or classifying a person in conscience about the item or group II of the woman.

Depending on the penalty type, it is a long timetable I or II. The Attorney General has decided to determine the interpretation of the Attorney-General after being convicted of acquiring a managed material in Virginia. Drugs were confiscated for confiscation and valuation of medicines. Label document, especially the size and size of pharmaceutical products. On the basis of the laboratory, the court determined the pharmacy class and the lower sentence.Virginia received tough advice on drugs in the Commonwealth. Even a simple statement can leave you in jail for a long time. Especially if a second or second guilty person. Here is the punishment you face with the drug trafficking tax in Virginia.

Initially, the persons convicted were less than the four. Marijuana’s 30-day imprisonment and a severe $ 500 penalty. If it is your 2D or more wrong mile, you will be 365 days jail. In addition, a fine of $ 2,500 is paid.

In addition to the price of more than one ounce, it can be very expensive. You can get the PWID rate. This ratio is compulsory for at least one year of imprisonment.

The danger of controlling controlled substances

Group I or II: Group I and II contain heroin, LSD, MDMA, Methamphetamine, cocaine and oxycodone and hydrocarbons. Class 5 – Virginia Bound I or II tablets are a mistake other than Marijuana except for. You are 10 years of age and you have a high quality of $ 2,500.

Third-party drugs are a drug-abusive drug. Examples: Testosterone and medicine drugs are amlinofen. The Virginia Class 1 property is impounded for $ 606 and $ 2,500 for imprisonment.

IV SCHEDULE: Obtaining the coverage of IV shields such as Amber and Clopin is a category 2 offender. However, you can serve up to 6 months and to pay $ 1,000 to punish.

V or VI schedule: V and VI schedule cord blood, leukemia and other drugs reduce the risk. This class of Class III or 4 belongs to Virginia. Although you do not have any prison terms for taking a V or VI drug, you have a fine of $ 500.

Listening to the criminals for the first time

During the period of probation, a first offense is for the possession of marijuana or any physical substance. Selection will specify the terms and conditions of your testimony:

I lived in Virginia for many years to get drugs in Virginia?

Drug abuse assessment, treatment and/or education programs;

Drug testing; and

The CSR supplier (usually convicted of incarceration for 24 hours and 100 hours).

As per the decision, other conditions can be made at his own discretion. For example, an accused may need to inspect during the probation period. If the conditions of your probation are violated, the highest sentence for your special request will be received.

Other drugs

Where the arrests take place in your drug, the spy officer can decide. Normal Fees:

  • Committing and / or carrying out any offenses relating to the medicinal product;
  • Distributing or distributing; and
  • Sale or distribution of minors or / or restricted zones
  • If you are accused of another national drug bargain, the consequences could be even more severe.