The state of Virginia has strict laws and a justice system in place that take full notice and responsibility of any individuals who commit any acts of sexual crimes against children. The major part of these crimes is constituted by child pornography which is further subdivided into 3 main categories; possession, production and distribution of child pornography. Each of these sub categories have their own classes of felony as well as punishments, jail time and fines. This article focuses mainly on the possession of child pornography.

Although the possession of child pornography is a huge crime against children however its severity when compared to the production and distribution becomes slightly less owing to the fact that it does not directly affect the children or minors the way production does. Since it is the golden era of technology and the internet has all the possible information in the world just a fingertip, it is very easy for people to access, download and possess child pornography. Moreover, this thing has become so rampant that many websites and apps when accessed have some form of bugs or viruses that download pornography featuring children without the knowledge or consent of the user. Most people are not even aware of all the data present on their mobile phones, tablets laptops and other devices. Only when discovered do they realize the immense reach of this industry.

Possession of child pornography within the state of Virginia comes with huge penalties, jail times and fines if a person is found guilty. The conviction depends upon the severity of the crime and the combination it is committed in with production and distribution and the class of felony is decided by the court and authorities after a thorough investigation.

Defense lawyers have established a huge web of lawyers and legal teams that have fought cases upon cases of child pornography possession and other sexual crimes against children within the state of Virginia. Many a times people are accidentally found in possession of such content and their only hope of escaping a lifetime registry of their name on the sexual offenders list as well as their only chance at living a normal life after being charged is to contact a good defense lawyer who can come up with a strong enough defense to either reduce the jail time and fines or to help reduce the time for which the accused has to register their name on the sexual offenders list.

An important insight into the justice system and the legal system and law firms has revealed though, that all legal teams and defense lawyers conduct their own background check and investigation before taking up a case or if their client is guilty of the crimes they are being convicted for then these lawyers either drop the case or try to get the sentence reduced. This shows that justice cannot be escaped in the state of Virginia where everyone from the police force to lawyers to the courts are bent upon serving justice.