Penalty for Soliciting Prostitution in VA

There are a lot of people who see prostitution as a sort of crime in which there are no victims. At the end of the day it may be called a consensual act between two adults and prostitution can be called a career. Virginia is not one of those places. Prostitution has been deemed to be illegal in the state of Virginia. Exchange of money or it’s equivalent for any form of sexual activity is called prostitution and is deemed as illegal. In the same manner any person who is found trying to gain access to a prostitute or their services, can also be convicted on the charge of solicitation of prostitution.

Solicitation of prostitution is a charge that is placed on the person who tries to offer money or it’s equivalent in exchange for sexual intercourse or other acts of sexual nature. This charge can turn into conviction very easily if the prosecutor is able to prove that the defendant was offering cash or its equivalent for sexual favors. There are many famous lawyers in the state of Virginia who deal with these charges and are easily able to get their clients an amended charge of disorderly conduct, which is much less embarrassing.

Many people who are charged with solicitation of prostitution actually have a major situation that they need to handle and that is that most of the time so they are in fact married. Due to this is they are caught and convicted, it will not only cause embarrassment and give the individual a record, it will also cause a divorce if the lawyer is not able to deal with the charges in a discreet manner. Lawyers who specialize in these cases know how to be discreet in order to save their clients from any spouse trouble and further divorce proceedings.

In the state of Virginia, you can be charged with solicitation of prostitution charges even if no sexual contact of any kid has occurred. Even attempt to lure someone into committing prostitution is enough for the offender to be charged with solicitation of prostitution. The penalty for this charge could be imprisonment of up to one year and/ or a fine of up to $2500. A good and experienced prostitution lawyer will be able to shed more light on the details of the penalties in case a person is caught in the act.

Prostitution lawyers are well versed in how to help their clients in getting away with these issues. They play with the ideas of consent and credibility. Mostly a defense lawyer would play the same act of showing the judge how much of an upstanding citizen the defendant is and how he or she is highly incapable of being involved in anything even close to cheating on their wives. Usually a person who indulges in these things on a frequent basis is too smart and knows how to cover his or her own bases. In that case it would be difficult for the prosecution to find any lucrative evidence to begin with.