Being involved in any illegal activity is a serious crime for juveniles Warren Virginia where such charges could result in a permanent public record for life. This negatively affects personal and professional life of an individual in the future. Public records showing felony charges are not good. It is believed that the misinformation associated with the juvenile convictions and its consequences is abundant. Juvenile felony charges in Warren Virginia are technically referred as adjudications of delinquency.’

People living within and outside Virginia knows that the juvenile justice system of the state is operating under strict confidentiality rules. This means that the privacy of juveniles is protected at all cost so the mistakes these offenders have made in childhood does not come back to haunt them once they have grown up. The aim is to help them learn, restore, and rehab from the mistakes to lead a productive life. It is believed that the Virginia General Assembly is striving to ‘reform’ and organize the juvenile justice system. This is why it is crucial for juveniles to arrange quality representation of an experienced attorney to defend their cases in the court. Their futures are on the line and in order to have a productive adulthood, it needs to be taken care of from the beginning. It is advisable to not take any chances with the future of your child. Get in touch with the best juvenile attorney to learn more about how you can save your child’s future.

Consequences of a Juvenile Felony Conviction

Everyone is aware of the fact that once a felon, always a felon. Irrespective of the age group, if someone is a convicted felon, they would remain a felon their entire lives. The juvenile felony charges in Warren Virginia is somewhat strict where the child aged 14 or below have to appear in the juvenile court in case of a felony offense. In addition, the juvenile will also have a public record against their name for the rest of their lives. However, this does not mean that the offenders will be stripped of their civil rights. Regardless, the consequences of a juvenile felony conviction are severe.

Consequences of a Juvenile Misdemeanor Conviction

According to a general rule, an individual who is facing a juvenile misdemeanor conviction will have a large measure of privacy at all times. Whether the juvenile is convicted or adjudicated delinquent for misdemeanor crimes, the court cases will not be accessible to public. Only a limited and few entities who have the right to look into the matter. This includes attorneys of the case, treatment providers, DMV, probation and intake officers, and more. There will be a police record, but the court record will remain sealed whatsoever.

When compared to the above category, juvenile misdemeanor conviction records are not and should not be available for employers or colleges. Juveniles who are looking to maintain privacy should opt to have all records expunged to preserve their rights.