How to get out of a reckless driving ticket in Fairfax VA?

Reckless driving is considered to be a serious crime committed, violating the traffic regulations set by the Government. Under the light of laws prescribed by the US government reckless driving is defined as the offense committed by the driver while driving. Reckless driving is considered to be dangerous even more than that of inappropriate or heedless driving, due to the reason that the public and property around is vulnerable to risks. Reckless driving charge is imposed on the driver by the court in order to ensure that the same offense is not committed by people or the same individual again.

Fairfax is an independent county located in Virginia, it falls under the class of Commonwealth of Virginia. Traffic rules followed in the region are same as that of followed in rest of the Virginia. However, any person found guilty of reckless driving is subjected to the Class 1 misdemeanor in which he is convicted with a reckless driving charge, where following penalties are imposed on him:

  • An imprisonment of up to six months or a whole year;
  • Heavy fine of up to $2500;
  • Suspension of the driving license for a specific tenure. The tenure of suspension however depends upon the nature of the reckless charge convicted;
  • Accused is charge with six points on his driving These points stay on his driving record for eleven months.

Punishments are usually decided by the court in regard of previous criminal records. Similar is the case with traffic violation charges where punishments are imposed depending upon prior records of the driver. This depict that 6 points charged on the driving record can troublesome the individual in future driving activities. However, penalties imposed can be reduced. These penalties can only be minimized if the accused proclaim in the court that although he or she was driving recklessly but the public and property around were safe. However, this can only be done with a legal support. In order to resolve this problem you are advised to hire a legal advisor or legal attorney who can assist you in this case effectively.

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