How much money do you have to pay if you run a red light in Virginia?

Va. Code § 46.2-833: Failing to Follow Traffic Lights in Virginia

Any individual found in violation of any laws of this section will be committing a traffic infraction. The penalty for this will be a fine of $350.

This Code of Virginia explains their laws designed about the traffic lights. Every Virginian citizen is expected to follow the set laws when they encounter those lights or variations of the traffic lights. Anyone can violate the code if:

  1. They run through a stop sign or are not making a full stop
  2. Run through a red light
  3. Not stopping before or at the crosswalk at an intersection (limit line)
  4. Failing to stay when on the blinking red and yellow lights

Traffic Tickets Misdemeanors in the State Of Virginia

It does not matter if you crossed the red light, or stopped for speeding, getting a Virginian traffic ticket is a matter you need to handle with top priority. But first, you need to be familiar with Virginia Point Breakdown.

The state of Virginia has set certain traffic violations, which has demerit point values. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the points will vary accordingly. The range of the values varies from 3-6 points. The unfortunate part is that the violation remains on the record till a time frame of 3-11 years.

Breakdown of Virginia Traffic Tickets And Their Point Values:

  1. 3 points for driving without a Virginia driver’s license, making an improper U-turn, caught speeding at 1-9 MPH more than the speed limit, improper passing, etc.
  2. 4 points for unsafe passing, reckless driving, improper signal, following too closely, etc.
  3. 6 points for racing, DUI, driving when the license is suspended, speeding more than 80 MPH, manslaughter, etc.

Running a Red Light in Virginia

The state of Virginia will impose a red light ticket, which is considered a 4-demerit violation on any Virginian found not following the traffic signal rules. Not only that, but the offender will be held for violating the other related traffic laws to that offense such as not stopping for a pedestrian, reckless driving, manslaughter, and many more breaches that can happen from crossing a red light.

Other results o0f this offense can lead to your record status as a ‘habitual offender’, the driver’s license can be revoked or suspended till a hefty fine is paid so that the offender can get back their driving privileges.

The state of Virginia’s Commonwealth can impose a fine of

  1. No more than $50.00 as fine. Apart from that a processing fee of $62.00 if the offender is found eluding a traffic control tool.
  2. No more than $100.00 as fine. Apart from that a processing fee of $62.00 if the offender is found disobeying the traffic lights. This is also applicable for those who made a right on red or failed to stop at the red light. It is also possible that the offender is charged for other breaches that can happen from running a red light.