Fairfax Virginia Hit and Run Lawyer

Virginia hit and run come below the section code of 46.2-894 to 46.2-897. There are numerous individuals who do not acknowledge the reality that the nation has imposed certain duties mainly when your car hit the opposite that is occupied or not. If you are driving occupied vehicle, it is crucial to stop near the accident without disturbing the traffic and immediately registered your complete information and registration number to the law enforcement agency or to the one who is injured and capable to comprehend the information. It is important for you to provide assistance if someone needs to shift hospital for medical treatment. However, if you fail to carry any such duty, then prepare yourself to face Class 5 felony as your punishment. This requires a person to make an immediate appoint of Fairfax Virginia hit and run lawyer.

Penalties for Hit and Run  

If you hit and run, it may cause you to face Class 5 felony. It is because if a person gets an injury in the accident or the occurrence of damage is more than $1000, then it becomes necessary to impose Class 5 felony. In other words, it adds 6 demerit violation points. The punishment for the commitment of Class 5 felony requires a person to face imprisonment of 1 to 10 years in jail and a fine of $2,500. If there is no injury, death, and damage to property is less than $1000, it is considered as Class 1 misdemeanor. It also causes just 4 demerit violation points. These confusing legal obligations are hard to understand for the common person. For this, it is crucial to hire Fairfax Virginia hit and run lawyer that can handle the case and defend you strongly for your safe passage. 

Leave a not if you are involved in Car Crash

It is important to know that if you are the cause behind the accident of the vehicle occupied or not, it is essential to look out for the owner or custodian of the property and share your personal information and car registration number. On the other hand, if fail to locate any custodian, it is important to leave a note regarding your personal information nearby the incident. Moreover, you can also report to nearby police station regarding the accident. Nevertheless, if have not carried out all these activities, then it is hard to save you from the laws and its penalties. If you are accused of such offense, it is crucial to contact Fairfax Virginia hit and run lawyer.

Hire Fairfax Virginia Hit and Run lawyer

Those accused of such offensive crime, it is mandatory for them to hire an experience Fairfax Virginia hit and run lawyer to make you out of the trouble. It is not advisable to handle the case on your own because there are some legal allegations, which can be hard for one to understand without the assistance of the lawyer. The skilled and experience Fairfax Virginia hit and the run lawyer is competent enough to fabricate a strong case in your defense to make you guilty in the eyes of the law.