Do you know about Alexandria Virginia Heroin Laws?

Heroin is a life-threatening drug. It is considered very strong and dangerous. In the America, people around 4.2 million people are using it for addiction in some forms. Using this drug is highly risky due to HIV, overdose, infections from the needles and other dangerous side effects. It leads to the criminalization. The drug laws in Alexandria Virginia prohibit the transportation, distribution and possession of the heroin. For distributing and selling heroin and when larger quantity is involved, the harsher punishments are on the books of laws. As per the laws of Virginia the traffickers face decade’s sentences in prison. Virginia is not different. The state has ratified heroin laws striking significant criminal punishment on offender.

Heroin Laws in Virginia

Virginia laws prohibit the transportation, sale, possession of even small amount of heroin. Anyone caught in ownership of up to two hundred milligrams has a year imprisonment and two thousand dollar fine. With the increase of the quantity the punishment and fine sentence is increased. Possession of heroin of more than 200 mg causes 5 years in prison and 100, 000 dollars fine. With the repetition of the crime, these penalties can be increased.

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