Controlled Substances in Virginia

Regulations regulated

Punish both the federal government agencies and the Virginia Drugs Act both illegal drugs, use, production, and distribution. Drugs are fundamentally different in the distribution or distribution of medicines or the distribution of medicines. The following table summarizes five medicinal plants prepared by the Federal Control Act.

Class Description Common Examples

Schedule 1 Schedule 1 does not have a long-term, scientific, scientific use. Heroin, Ecstasy (MDMA), LSD, GHB. Mariana and Artificial Marijuana, as well as Article 1, its consequences are unique and not essential.

Some beautiful scientific uses of high performance for abuse aboard Scam II. Methamphetamine (crystalline meth) and various stimulants. Morphine, PCS, cocaine, metadox, rickets, alcohol

Scenario 11 or Schedule 11 may be far more inappropriate. Valid scientific applications exist. Anaphylactic steroids condense and hydrocarbons (Viking, Lorate, Lorraine, and others) Aspren or Tylenol, Special K (infections), Some infants

The schedule has the legal clinical practice for low capacity for guilty consent compared to I-III schedule. Ammunition, Valiam (Diasaparam), Red Butter and Shanks are also included.

Being able to abuse misuse of different drugs. Cordine-based cassia drugs, vomiting

Management Control Components – Federal

Punishments for violating the federal administrative act are primarily based on abuse of substance abuse, distribution and distribution of the drugs or the allegation of logic. Federal consequences for abusing drugs are at least $ 1,000 and / or three years. 1

I-IV varieties are federal penalties for federal penalties for banning less than five years in prison. It can be fined from $ 250 million to $ 50 million. Additional controls will be imposed if a controlled substance is seriously damaged or is fatally damaged. 2

The federal consequences of human trafficking. The V-series is sixty-seventy-seventy-sixty-five-year-old and sixty-five years imprisonment and hundreds of dollars (men or women) or 250,000 (non-person) preferences.

Controlling property, loss of property (ownership, shipping or hiding) and / or student loan and professional license (EG, Nursing, Teaching, Licensing, Criminal Law).

Any person provided by federal law may be subject to more penalties and penalties for any person who is to distribute or produce in the foot of a 1000ft or more foot base. If a person is being distributed to a person as a source of violence as a reason for violence, he will be sentenced to a 20 year prison sentence of dengue control approved in 1996. 3 An example of such behavior is the rape (“drug abuse”) caused by rape.

Failed Regulated Components – State of the State

Further punishments of violations of law on management items and crimes or crime are another form. The Virginia Regulations (artificial marijuana) include the following special effects:

General racking contains 1/2 inch inches of inches

30 days imprisonment and / or high quality $ 500

Second or Next violation – 365 days imprisonment and / or maximum of $ 2,500

Obtaining, selling, distributing or distributing the marijuana owner

For a prison term of 365 days and / or an ounce of over $ 2,500

For £ 1-10 jail and £ 1 for 1 ounce £ 5 for £ 5

A 5 to 30-year prison term and / or a pretty $ 2.5 pound

A person between the ages of 10 and 50 is considered a person between the ages of 18 and 3, aged 18 to 3, regarded as an 18-year-old adult.

Marijuana production (manufacture, manufacture, processing)

Between 5 and 30 years of imprisonment and / or fine of $ 10,000

The Virginia Law creates the ability to produce or retrieve any material controlled by Malaysian rulers by making a five-year prison term of $ 100,000 or more