Penalty for Soliciting Prostitution in VA

There are a lot of people who see prostitution as a sort of crime in which there are no victims. At the end of the day it may be called a consensual act between two adults and prostitution can be called a career. Virginia is not one of those places. Prostitution has been deemed to … Read more

Personal injury lawsuit Virginia

Personal Injury Lawsuit Virginia allow a person who has been injured due to someone else’s negligence to pursue some sort of compensation for their injury or affliction. In strict legal terms, this explicitly implies that the plaintiff is seeking compensation from the defendant. This article aims to summarize the most common outcomes of any personal … Read more

Petit larceny for the first time with no criminal records VA

Defining Theft in the context of Virginia Law Virginia law basically alludes to all theft and theft-related violations as “larceny,” and gives no broad meaning of the term. It’s sheltered to state that theft in Virginia can be characterized as the unlawful taking of property that has a place with another person, finished with the … Read more

Punishment for Internet Solicitation and Child Pornography in Virginia

There have always been disgusting individuals that would consider performing sex activities with children even though they themselves are fully grown adults that have jobs and are mature in their own personal lives. Hence, it is understandable that pornography featuring children has always been quite popular as well, which is why there have always been … Read more

Phone Sex Is A Crime In Virginia

Virginia is not generally not known for the fact that it has progressive laws about sex and the like. This is why it is so often considered one of the worst states in the country, especially where things like sex and marriage are concerned. If you want to know why Virginia is considered such a … Read more

Prostitution and Solicitation Attorney In Virginia

Virginia has a reputation for being very hardline indeed on matters of sex and the like. Soliciting a prostitute is considered a misdemeanor, but it is definitely one of the most heavily penalized misdemeanors out there. Solicitation involves a lot of different parameters. You could be soliciting pretty much any adult and you could potentially … Read more

Possession Of Child Pornography Defense Lawyer In Virginia

The whole purpose of the law existing in the first place is to make it so that society can be a relatively safe place where people can coexist and go about their day to day lives without having to worry about what might happen to them without any kind of warning. However, the way the … Read more

Possession of a Firearm by A Convicted Felon in Virginia

A convicted felon in Virginia is not allowed to carry a firearm. It’s important that a convicted felon takes great care in making sure that they do not breach the laws. The convicted felon must make sure that they are not caught in the possession of a gun, as that could land them back in … Read more

Relocation in Virginia Child Custody Cases

Talking about separation or divorce, the major concern comes how far the mother and father are going to live after that because it’s about children’s custody and visitation as well. These kind of cases are most common when it comes to North Virginia because the traveling makes the mother or the father do the litigating … Read more


The state of Virginia has strict laws and a justice system in place that take full notice and responsibility of any individuals who commit any acts of sexual crimes against children. The major part of these crimes is constituted by child pornography which is further subdivided into 3 main categories; possession, production and distribution of … Read more